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The NNPL meeting in 2014 will take place in Oslo from November 7th (12:00) - November 8th (13:30). We are pleased to announce Professor Gail Goodman as the keynote speaker. Welcome!

We now welcome abstracts (200 words) for the NNPL meeting in Oslo, November 7-8. Each paper should be prepared for a 20-minutes presentation at the meeting, including time for questions. Submission deadline October 1st. This year, grants from the Department of Psychology in Oslo is provided to cover travel and hotel (one night) for presenters, and for the executive members (optional for other fellows as well, depending on the number of participants). Abstracts should be submitted to Stine Dalsøren at Requests for appointments with Professor Goodman, or any other questions, may also be directed to Stine Dalsøren.







Past meetings

The 9th meeting of the NNPL, Aarhus (Denmark)
October 25-26, 2013

First Announcement (pdf)
Final Announcement (pdf)

The 8th meeting NNPL, Oslo (Norway) September 16-17, 2011

The 7th meeting of the NNPL (arranged jointly with the EAPL 2010 conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, 15-18 June, 2010)

EAPL 2010 website

The 6th meeting of the NNPL, Tallinn (Estonia)
October 9-10, 2009

Scientific program

The 5th meeting of the NNPL, Copenhagen (Denmark)
October 10-11, 2008
Scientific program

The 4th meeting of the NNPL, Reykjavik (Iceland)
October 5-6, 2007
Scientific program

The 3rd meeting of the NNPL, Turku (Finland)
October 5-6, 2006

The 2nd meeting of the NNPL, Kristianstad (Sweden)
September 29-30, 2005

The 1st meeting of the NNPL, Oslo (Norway)
November 11-12, 2004

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